Construction Software Features

Our programs are extremely flexible, faster, more accurate, and at the same time exceptionally simple and easy to use. All data and job information, estimates, change orders, pricing etc. are dynamically linked, which means you enter data only one time and it automatically links to all of the other modules. In addition, every screen has help movies that explain step by step every function on that screen. You can be successfully using our program within a few hours even if you have never used a computer for estimating or job management.

The following are just some of the benefits contractors will experience by utilizing our software:

  • Modules starting from only $495!
  • Complete, virtual office capability
  • Dynamic Linking of ALL module functions
  • A truly simple and intuitive system
  • Training and help movies…no cumbersome and difficult to understand manuals
  • Telephone and online support 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, Eastern time
  • Import / Export to ANY ODBC based system in the world that can also import / export data
  • Electronic linking to any source location of ALL activities, estimates, change orders, site requirements, blueprints, field sketches etc.
  • Automated onscreen takeoff capabilities for ALL online prints, photographs, county site documents, pictures, website data and graphics etc.
  • Automated digitizer takeoff of hard copy prints
  • Automated free-hand takeoffs with segments, angles, arcs, complex shapes
  • Unlimited prints and print linking
  • Unlimited client contact information
  • Unlimited items in the database structure
  • Unlimited template structures
  • Unlimited Assembly structures
  • Unlimited Estimates
  • Unlimited Proposals
  • Automatic calculation of ALL math functions (calculus integration and trigonometric adjustment of all drawing objects)
  • Unlimited automatic text and statement integration into proposals, work orders submittals, etc.
  • Accurate tracking, daily progress, and export to any ODBC based accounting system
  • Flexible and graphic scheduling of the individual jobs, with total man-day and man-hour requirements

See for yourself how easy our construction software is to use
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